Windows install bluescreen and PCI Express

I started working on my new work rig, a PC based on a Core 2 Duo and an ATI X1900XT graphics card. This was my first build using PCI Express, and I ran into one problem: once the hardware was installed and I started to install Windows XP, I got a bluescreen after all the drivers loaded, right after the status told me “Starting Windows”. Windows claimed it was dying in PCI.SYS, a rather odd place to die.

After a bunch of digging around, I found out that PCI Express isn’t supported until XP SP2; I was trying to install XP base. I found some great instructions on how to slipstream SP2 into a base XP install and now the install is progressing nicely. For anyone else who runs into the problem, the bluescren says you die in PCI.SYS.