Today we’re making truffles for a neighborhood holiday party. I’d never done it before and I’m a bit shocked at how easy it is to make what’s usually a fairly pricey treat at a store. It’s just twice as much chocolate as heavy cream (by weight), plus a bit of vanilla extract and maybe some liquor (we’re using Grand Marnier).

  1. Bring the cream to a light simmer
  2. Dump over the chopped up chocolate
  3. Whisk until smooth
  4. Add the vanilla and liquor, whisk a bit more
  5. Cover and chill

In a couple hours we’ll pull ’em out, roll them into truffle looking balls and cover in confectioner’s sugar or cocoa power or roasted hazelnuts.

I think “easy as making truffles” is my new saying.

Oh, and Mandy had never had Grand Marnier in a snifter before… I think she likes it. She’s also picking up some barista skills with the Silvia, just needs some more practice steaming milk and I’ll be out of a job.