Ben’s Famous Margarita Recipe

Is this classic? No.

Is it famous? Oh yes.

  1. Squeeze three limes and one lemon
  2. Put into a graduated containment vessel, like those fancy Oxo Good Grips ones
  3. Look at the amount. This is one part.
  4. Add one part good, but not great, tequila (I like Hornitos Reposado)
  5. Add one part Grand Marnier. No really.
  6. Add 1/4 part simple syrup (which for my purposes is one part sugar, one part water)
  7. Put in shaker.
  8. Shake.
  9. Pour into glasses, optimally lined with a nice sugar / salt / lime zest mixture. 2 parts salt, 1 part sugar, unknown but appropriate amount of lime zest.
  10. Enjoy.


Lately we’ve been using 3 parts juice, 3 parts tequilla, 2 parts GM, 1 part agave nectar. Even better.


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If I might be so bold. I highly recommend the use of Agave Nectar as a substitute for simple syrup. Not only is it easier to just buy and use, it’s totally natural, organic, I suspect probably more authentic, it also tastes great. I use it in my own personal Mojito recipe.

Try infusing a 1 liter bottle of tequila with a 6 lb watermelon for 4-5 hours. Press it through a strainer, so no pulp or seeds are in the final mixture, and mix into your final recipe. yum!

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