For some reason, I’m craving burgers. Shake Shack opened up a small booth at the track this year, the weather is awesome, it’s almost August… We have a Five Guys in town now, but I like making my own thing. Happily, I just stumbled onto a couple do-it-yourself recipes for a Shack burger and an In ‘n Out Animal. Might have to try these this weekend.

Update: Made the burger’s last weekend and wow were they good. The fine folks at The Meat House in Wilton ground up some meat just for me, and we had some friends over to enjoy. We made up a batch of Shack Sauce, which I highly highly recommend. Stuff is addictive. Also, coating one side of the burger in mustard before flipping it really did bake the mustard flavor right into the burger. I liked it quite a bit, will definitely have to try it again. Overall, success!