New design

Update: Decided I didn’t like the narrow look. Back to the old design.

Trying out a new site design, much narrower than my old design. It’s only about half done, but I had enough to push forward with it.

The main motivation was narrowing down the text column, which should make it easier to read. I might try jumping the font size up to something slightly silly for body text, like 16pt, just so its easier to have big images. That’s the only thing I really do not like about the current iteration, images have gotten too small, as well as videos.

I’d like to let them overflow the text column, but I can’t find a way to do that with CSS. A negative left margin of 50% does not line up quite right.


3 replies on “New design”

I like this lay out but some of the margin text gets washed out by the background … at least on iPad.

Gravity post makes me cringe …. another reason I’ll consider a tool chest.

Actually, the narrow column format makes it much more difficult to read. Also the lack of contrast between the type and the background is essentially illegible until you highlight it.

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