The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The New York Times has a great article up on the Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. All this crossbreeding begs the question: Has anyone trumped Mrs. Wakefield? To find out, a journey began that included stops at some of New York Citys best bakeries as well as conversations with some doyens of baking. […]


A great little omelet pan

Calphalon 10″ Nonstick Crepe Pan Our five-year-old Cuisinart non-stick pan finally started getting all peely and nasty, so it was time for a new pan. I like having a non-stick pan around for eggish things, omelets especially, so the hunt began. I read a few reviews in Cooks Illustrated and Alton Brown’s Gear For Your […]

Taking a Moment

I’ve been spending the last few nights reading Michael Ruhlman’s The Making of a Chef. I’ve enjoyed it immensely; I’d always wondered what it was like inside that campus after driving past it so many times in our weekend adventures northward from Tarrytown. Mandy and I never got the chance to eat at any of […]

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