Moka Kadir again. Took this one to Full City+ / maybe Vienna? Temps on this one are from the fancy new thermocouple I hacked into the roaster. Vital Stats: 250g roasted, 77F Ambient, Target of Full City++ (447F). Post roast weight: 206g. Time Temp Heater Fan Notes 0:00 229 100 0 0:15 243 100 0 […]

Tomatoes are almost here

The tomatoes in our EarthBox are coming along nicely, though the plant has grown to exceed all expectation. It’s upper branches are not entangling the basketball net, about seven feet off the ground. It’s drinking about 2 liters of water a day (!!!) and though we had some problems with blossom end rot, a quick […]

Joel on Coffee: Starbucks vs. Customer

Joel has an interesting piece on Inc. Magazine’s site on how Starbucks’ policies are getting rather anti-customer. I think he raises a good point, that you have to be careful that the policies that allow you run a profitable business don’t get in the way of providing the best service you can to a customer, […]

Pickin’ & Grinin’

Black Raspberries Mandy & Jack headed out with some other folks from the playgroup yesterday and came back with these beauties from a farm just up the road from our house. Were planning on making a cobbler and possibly some jam out of them, if they last that long. Next to mulberries, these are my […]