Doug’s Pizza Sauce

From Living in Texas But Manufactured in California, originally from the forum: Just a note, it wasn’t Doug that was pregnant. It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I was rudely made aware of all the great food I left back in California; Little Lucca sandwiches (the best garlic pesto sauce), Hostess Berry and […]


Yum. I make mine with brown sugar. Not as pretty, but still very tasty. I also substitute out a little bit of the lime for lemon, based on advice I got from a leading authority on making these things. Apparently it makes them taste a bit more like the limes you get in Brazil.

Making Grenadine

You may have had grenadine before. It’s a pretty common mixer for stiffish drinks and is usually a bright red color. I’d always thought it a product of some lab, maybe cough syrup gone bad, but I found out it was originally just a pomegrante syrup. So tonight I made some. Bring two cups of […]