Leopard is a pretty kitty (gone bad?)

I just got Leopard installed about.. 15 minutes ago and so far my favorite new thing: Safari 3. Holy crap is it fast. Bloglines beta is positively zippy, as is every other web site I’ve visited so far. It just blows the doors off Firefox on a Mac for overall browsing experience.Now if I just had Firebug for Safari3, I’d be a very very happy camper.

Update: Hit my first snag. Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 Web Premium Upgrade does not want to install. The shared components go in alright but the actual applications that I use (like Photoshop and Fireworks) all fail the install. Anyone run into this and find a work-around?

Update Update: Worked around this one by using the Migration Assistant after finishing the clean install. Photoshop works just fine now, or at least it appears to.