Linkage: April 29th, 2012 to May 9th, 2012

Ten Thousand
Great advice on how to deal with people not knowing things.
Improving HTML5 Canvas Performance – HTML5 Rocks
Summary of current canvas perf trickery
New York’s (now lost) native parrot
"Five million years is a good run. It's just tough when it ends on a hat."
linux – How can I copy a (big) directory over another changing only the files that differ? – Super User
Handy when svn_load_dirs decides to go belly up.
Karl’s Badges – Porky – foursquare
I just unlocked the Level 3 "Porky" badge on @foursquare! Sweet!

The Great Outdoor Fight

I’ve been a fan of Achewood for a while, but this new book just looks amazing. It’s the Great Outdoor Fight in book form, with a new original story plus history, bios, a hall of champions, glossary, recipes(?!) and a deleted scene.