Linkage: May 31st, 2012 to June 6th, 2012

Fruit crop relief sought – Times Union
I do like 'dem apples. Or lack of apples. NY lost 50 ~ 75% of it's apple crop to frost this year.
A new map / visualization library that draws fully vector data, with configurable projection. Via @nelson.
Japanese Chisel Tuneup – Part 1 – Fine Woodworking
Japanese Chisel Tuneup – Part 1:
Posted by Jay_Speetjens

Some techniques for tuning up Japanese bench chisels …

Mortising / Adam Cherubini
Adam Cherubini's take on mortising technique. Very little pounding, mostly use the chisel in a paring fashion. Very different take on how to chop a mortise by hand.
Elliptical Shapes Using Simple Geometry – video
How to draw an ellipse using a compass and a straightedge