Monitor Mounts FTW

three-panel.jpgI’ve been reading Scott Hanselman‘s series on setting up a home office with great interest, as I too am working from home with a stay-at-home wife and small child. However, after reading a recent post on the office layout, I think he could really use one of these monitor mounts. We used to use similar things back at FactSet for some of the folks with multi-monitor setups and they seemed to work quite well. Getting more stuff up off the desk is always a good thing.

For my home office, I have a MacBook Pro sitting next to a 24″ Dell flat panel, and another separate desk (with a 22″ Samsung and my 13″ printer) specifically for working on photos. I found having more than one computer on one desk cumbersome and it quickly led to an out-of-control cord and wire mess. I’m totally with him on the wired network too, gigabit is just so much faster and more reliable than wireless of any flavor, and it’s generally pretty easy and economical to run. I’m only using Cat5E at the moment, but might switch to Cat6 at some point in the future to see how it compares. I don’t have the advantage of wiring sans sheet rock, but there’s enough hackery in this house already that moving some wire around isn’t too hard.