Linkage: May 15th, 2012 to May 17th, 2012

Electric Imp
Tiny wireless controllers for just about anything. $25. Awesome.
[Interview] Christopher Schwarz of Lost Art Press
A good, quick interview with the Schwarz.
Breaking in the skates on the brewpub floor. #daughters #6thbirthday #smallbusiness #shopsmall
Liquid Photo Page Layout
Flickr is now showing the biggest photo they can on a photo page. Awesome!
Buchanan, the gay president
I love the term "chronological ethnocentrism"
Wolfram’s bibliography omission
"A typical issue that came up was how the book was vetted or checked. In academia, there’s the idea that “peer review” is the ultimate method of checking anything. And perhaps in a world where everyone has infinite time, and nobody operates according to their own self-interest, this might be true. But in reality, peer review is fraught with error, often quite corrupt, and even in the best case strongly biased toward avoiding new ideas and maintaining the status quo. And for a piece of work as large, broad and complex as A New Kind of Science, even the basic mechanics of it seemed completely impractical."