Friday – Sunday

Long days and pleasant nights are upon us.

  • DDD/NY was a ton of fun!
    • It was great to see Alex and Chris again and meet and hang out with the rest of the Dojo crew!
    • IBM has one fancy building on Madison Ave. For such a fancy building, the internet access was spotty at best. No official guest network and some router on the network we were using was really really flaky.
    • People are building some cool shit on Dojo. Everything from really fancy one-pagers to subtle enhancements to existing apps. I’ll see if I can dig up some links.
    • Dijit (the new name for the widget project) is way better than I thought. I think we use a few of the new widgets in the redesign pretty easily…
    • Looks like we’re going to be one of the first big ports to 0.9. Fun. :)
    • Figured out a way to run layered builds and still have things work sans-a-build for devs. Need an enhancement to the build system to allow you to specify the output location of the layer file.Today, you just say name: "mylayer.js", but we really need to be able to say name: "bl.mylayer.js" and have it go in the "bl" module.
    • Went with Alex, Neil and two others (I’m so freaking bad with names) out to the Belmont Lounge for drinks. Good mojitos and great conversations…
    • I should really write something up on using Dojo and still having a fast experience. In the meantime, go read Serving JavaScript Fast. It’s a great start. The short answer is: you should make friends with the build system (so you can use it against your own code) and the HTTP cache.
    • Pictures coming…
    • Alex has a good writeup.
  • Some friends of ours threw a baby shower for Mandy on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for coming and the well wishes, advice, and support. And thanks for all the great swag. :)
  • Took a few street shots in NYC walking back and forth from Grand Central to the IBM building on Madison Ave. Only had one person ask me not to take a photo (shop owner), and got a few decent shots. Just need to find my card reader… I missed my camera.