Great weather is a blessing.

  • Bi-monthly haircut!
  • Worked from Coffee Labs a bit this morning; while sitting there a woman across from me started working on a side portrait of me. I was totally unaware of it for quite a while, then caught it out of the corner of my eye. So now she’s drawing me, and I’m not sure if she knows that I know and I’m blogging about it. If only I had my camera today.
    • Oop, she knows! And she gave me the finished portrait. :)
  • Portage
    • I am dumb. I’ve been testing my portage by running it through the test runner, but I hadn’t bothered to modify out main entry point to use the new urls / djConfig attribute / lack of loader paths / no more dojo.require("dojo.debug.console"). So when Will started working with it, he immediately ran into a non-working front page. *sigh*.
    • Found a bug in the build w.r.t. setting up prefix paths and requires. jburke fixed it the same night.