Bloom cherries bloom!

  • Spring is officially here. Everything is blooming and starting to show leaves. This is good for me, as I’m mildly affected by that seasonal mood thing.
  • Port port port
    • Attended the #dojo-meeting yesterday and I’m officially on the hook for dojo.undo. Time to start peeking at what others have done.
    • Got another patch into base. Yay! Just a little typo in cleanNodeEvents, which may be going away anyway?
    • Started working on porting some of our code that uses node positioning and really felt hampered by abs and the pixelizer not being public. Had to pull some silly crap to make my rev of dojo.widget.html.layout work right.
    • sjmiles checked in a big change to how connect / disconnect works, which I think is a wonderful thing. connect now returns an opaque handle which you pass into disconnect to let go of the connection. Formerly, you had to pass the same arguments to disconnect as you passed to connect, which just doesn’t work well when you want to pass in anonymous functions, or bind a free function to another object as context. This way, it’s always consistent and it should always work.
  • VPN went down after the firewall maintenance last night. Yay for web mail and an intranet that lives on the public internet. If you’re going to run a business with remote offices and/or folks working from home offices, you really really need this. If you have to get on the VPN to report that the VPN is down, you’re in a bad place. Thankfully, we’re not in that place.
  • Crib sheets showed up. Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr! Avast, a pillow!
  • Foodage:
    • Breakfast: coffee / scone
    • Lunch: Chicken breast sandwich and a few black beans
    • Dinner: Yankee Stew with noodles. Today was Hacktastic.