Thursday the 18th

Dear Weather, please make up your mind.

  •  All sorts of fun going on with Flickr and JPGMag. There are some great lessons to learn here about running a site that’s based on a community of users. Flickr reacted fairly quickly to stem the tide and I think they did a great job dealing with the problem. I think JPG’s finally coming around to the same neighborhood. Either way, it has been interesting to follow. Quick take on lessons I learned:
    1. Be as transparent as possible. If you do something, explain why. Listen to the reactions. Participate in the ensuing discussion. A lack of participation is often seen as lacking to care about the community.
    2. People remember prior interactions with people at the company. Getting to know your community and gaining their respect goes a long way when things go south. Strive to be honest, forthright, and polite. Don’t be a dick.
    3. Folks tend to be accepting of mistakes as long as you come clean, apologize, and explain what’s being done to prevent it from happening again.
    4. Your community is a bit like stockholders in a public company, except instead of voting directly, they vote via participation, and participation is their currency.
  • More beating up DnD. Looks like the dojo.dnd is busted in some manner; the map on the the container isn’t getting filled in. Emails in to uhop to see what the story is.
  • We’ve been working a generic method of exposing a server-side Model as JSON to a Clearsilver template. For now, we’re just exposing some extra stuff in the HDF tree, preformatted as JSON. Started work on a generic Clearsilver macro to do HDF->JSON, but there are some concerns about having two methods of turning a Model into JSON, one direct, one via HDF. Works for what we need now.
  • Pulled in Dojo trunk again. I need to send the author of svn_load_dirs like a hundred beers.