Wednesday the 16th

Long time, no bloggy.

  • Upgraded to WordPress 2.2. Mostly smooth. I wish they’d give you a way to have just Atom feeds.
  • I’m now a Dojo committer!
    • Landed a port of dojo.undo.browser (now dojo.back) on core trunk
  • Our port to 0.9 pre is done, now moving forward with DnD feed organization for the feed tree.
    • Some chats with Eugene and David on extending the classes in dojo/dnd/move.js a bit. I’d like to see some hooks on Mover / Moveable to allow you to constrain the move in different ways. Stuff’s looking good there.
  • Now using a nice pattern for layered builds and our code. We layer on top of Dojo’s Base (the new dojo.js) and have a layer for each page in the site. That page includes a JS that require’s all of the code needed for the page. That JS is also the only dependency in a layer, and the layer overwrites that JS file as part of the build. So in your HTML, you just have one script tag for Dojo and one script tag for the layer. If you’re not in a build, everything gets pulled in via require magic, and if you are in a build, you just suck in two glomm’d JS file.
  • Added support to turn on debug & switch to a non-shrinksafe’d version of the JS files using querystring args.
  • The YUI guys have some videos up that are worth a look. I really like all the talks by Douglas Crockford on JavaScript and the talk by Venkatesan on writing efficient JavaScript. I’d like to see some examples for some of the bits in the efficiency talk, but maybe I can just write those up myself and see.
  • Wore this shirt today. I’ve never seen so many people squint and sound out letters while staring at my chest before.
  • Mandy’s at 34 1/2 weeks. Everything looks great. :) Every now and then, we’re seeing a knee surface like a shark fin. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!