Wednesday the 9th

I didn’t like other peoples quotes. So a temporary reprieve while I think of something else.

  • Mark wants to turn basketball into hockey. I mostly agree. Also, Go Wings!
  • Spent most of the day cleaning up lingering bugs from the port. Mainly signature mismatches and a few true bugs that existed in the old code.
  • Hooked up the “show only subs and folders with unread items” for the tree last night. Still need to deal with the menu a bit. Ran into a doosey of a typo that cost me a good hour. Assume you have an HTML document with a node of id “foo”. What happens when you have the following JavaScript:
                 function(evt) { dojo.stopEvent(evt); });
  • Set up the cradle my folks got us and made up a little nursery in the corner of the bedroom for our impending arrival. Also, we’re pretty settled on a name of Jackson Makay. Not sure on the spelling of the middle name yet?