Linkage: March 26th, 2012 to March 29th, 2012

Boioioioioinggg! Sweet little ATV robot that can jump like a sand flea The Continuous Partial Attention Generation Mike's thoughts on what watching looked like a few generations ago vs now Entertaining retrospective on the libertarian-fantasy-clusterfuck that was SeaLand and HavenCo "Ladies and gentlemen, the datacenter" ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source Wow, ASP.NET […]


Linkage: March 23rd, 2012 to March 26th, 2012

Six Stages of Debugging Truth. There must be 50 ways to close a popup: menus, dropdowns, tooltips, palettes, dialogs, and more A rundown on many of the common ways you can dismiss a popup dialog. Popups always seem simple to implement, but when you get down to the things like this, the true complication is […]

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