Linkage: September 27th, 2012 to October 1st, 2012

Close Grain: With Phil Lowe At Topsfield Fair
New blog post: with Phil Lowe at Topsfield Fair: › Fun with Google Maps
If you ever wanted to use Google Maps as the background of a website, this is how you can do it – via @sickdesigner
How to Set Up a Bandsaw – Fine Woodworking Article
How to Set Up a Bandsaw – Fine Woodworking Article a greater band saw setup video by Michael Fortune.
Photo Album – Imgur
Some very upsetting images here:
IPython: Python at your fingertips
A video introduction to iPython, a wonderful REPL and more for Python

Linkage: July 27th, 2012 to August 7th, 2012

Bench is awesome.
Neat little blog engine that syncs with dropbox or google drive. Simple.
A classic challenge
Notes on the 3-day, 90 mile canoe race that happens us here every fall. So want to do this.
Brief — A Chat Style for Skype 5 on OS X
How to make Skype on Mac not look like a freaking cartoon.
Nelson Swag Leg Desk – Home Office Desks – Desks & Tables – Herman Miller Official Store
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